Corporate Philosophy

By creating PLUS ALPHA value, we are able to greatly impress
and provide ever-broadening possibilities to our customers.

We place a great importance on courage, passion, consideration,
and steady effort.

We prioritize, the ability to utilize one’s strengths, self-growth,
contributing to society, and working with a positive attitude.



CreatPLUS ALPHAvalue for
our customers’ businesses.

By “visualizing” the enormous amount of information filling the world—texts, numerical values, images, sounds, etc.—and providing “realizations” that are helpful to our customers’ businesses, we will create
“+α” (PLUS ALPHA) value for our customers.


Continuing evolving as a
company of visualization

Information volume and digitalization have continued to increase exponentially in an array of fields. We will propose solutions that will help improve creativity and productivity, with the aim of continual evolution as a company. Our visualization platforms will revolutionize various industry mechanisms by working closely with our customers, employees, and partners.

Origin of Corporate Name

Products and services that our customers trust—
We believe that the only way to achieve this is by at the very least steadily moving forward; that is to say, continuing to create “+α” (PLUS ALPHA) value. The corporate name “PLUS ALPHA CONSULTING” embodies our strong desire to continue providing customers’ businesses with value that exceeds their expectations: “+α” value.

プラス 3つのアルファ