Social Policy

Human Rights Policy

The Company does not allow discrimination in corporate activities on the grounds of human rights, nationality, gender, age, religion, political views, disability, marital status, presence or absence of children, sexual orientation, sexual identity, etc., and provides equal opportunities to everyone. 

Furthermore, we do not allow any forced labor, child labor, harassment or unfair treatment, and endeavor to provide an appropriate work environment to all employees, ensure fair labor conditions and respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

The Plus Alpha Consulting Human Rights Policy is established here based on the view that it is necessary to avoid human rights abuses against others and appropriately deal with negative impacts of these.

・Support and respect for international norms (reference)
The Company respects international norms on human rights such as the United Nations “International Bill of Human Rights” and the International Labor Organization (ILO) “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work,” and will conduct initiatives to respect human rights in accordance with international guidelines on human rights.
・Dissemination / penetration / training
We will ensure dissemination of information and provision of training to all officers and all employees so that they appropriately understand this policy and ensure it penetrates business activities, and publicly announce our commitment to respect for human rights by posting information on our website.
・Remedies and corrections
Furthermore, in the event it is found that there has been direct or indirect human rights abuse in relation to the Company’s business, or there is a risk of this occurring, we will promptly consult with the appropriate organizations and stakeholders, and engage in the correction of the problem.
・Respect for diversity
The Company has the view that the diversity of human resources generates management and business transformation and is a strength for ensuring the sustained growth of the company, has established a policy on diversity and inclusion, and will actively engage in the creation of workplaces where employees with diverse views and values can work.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Company is working to ensure diversity of human resources based on the awareness that diversity of human resources generates management and business transformation, and that securing core personnel with diverse experience, skills and attributes will lead to medium- to long-term growth of the Company.

We will enhance systems for flexible work*1 and systems for supporting the achievement of self-fulfillment*2 without discrimination for all employees.

Furthermore, we will endeavor to foster a rewarding corporate culture by establishing mechanisms enabling employees to come up with ideas for new businesses to strengthen intellectual property through investment in human capital.

*1: Shortened working hours, enhancement of childcare and nursing care leave systems, utilization of working from home
*2: Systems for supporting obtaining qualifications, systems for subsidizing book purchases

Enhancement of Systems Related to Work Style

Work Style 01

Shortened working hours

We have introduced a flex-time system enabling the prescribed working hours to be reduced to six hours per day.

Work Style 02

Enhancement of childcare and nursing care leave systems

We have introduced childcare and nursing care leave systems at a level exceeding statutory requirements to provide an environment enabling employees to work in the long term while balancing childcare and nursing care with work.

Systems for Supporting Self-Fulfillment / Investment in Human Capital

self-development 01

Systems for supporting obtaining qualifications

We have introduced self-development support systems, book purchase subsidy systems and other systems to encourage flexible learning by employees.

self-development 02

Employees’ ideas in development of new businesses

We periodically hold contests promoting the commercialization of businesses and services devised by employees.