About Plus Alpha Consulting

We operate business centered on our Mieruka service that visualizes the enormous amount of information filling the world based on our Corporate Philosophy: By creating PLUS ALPHA value, we are able to greatly impress and provide ever-broadening possibilities to our customers.
We have continued our business with a desire to provide high-added value, successively creating new value for our customers based on our mission to “create PLUS ALPHA value for our customers’ businesses,” which is also embodied in our corporate name.

All manner of things have been digitized in recent years, leading to an exponential increase in the volume of data, which is precisely what Big Data is. However, to gain information of any use from Big Data analysis, you need to have sophisticated insight and experience in a range of areas such as dealing with large volumes of data, statistical methods and analysis techniques, and programming skills to compute the analytical results.
In fact, only a handful of companies are potent in these wide-ranging areas, and vast volumes of data often lie idle, without being put to effective use.

We operate business based on the vision of achieving a platform (which we call “Mieruka,” meaning visualization) that enables all businesses to make use of Big Data, omnipresent in society, in their businesses.
We launched the Mieruka-Engine service in the marketing domain in May 2008, and subsequently rolled out new solutions every few years, namely, CustomerRings in the CRM domain in July 2011, and Talent Palette in the HR domain in September 2016.
These three businesses are operated not only by leveraging functions that share the same vision of visualizing Big Data, but based on the SaaS concept to prompt long-term use by corporate customers.
All our businesses have turned profitable, and contribute to the Company’s growth by expanding their respective sales and profits.

Going forward, we will strive to identify the essential needs of customers ahead of peers, provide innovative services inspired by new value that delights customers and keep tackling challenges to open up optimum potential.
To this end, we appreciate the continued support and encouragement of all of our shareholders and investors.

June 30, 2021
Katsuya Mimuro, CEO