About Plus Alpha Consulting

Katsuya MimuroCEO

At the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, he engaged in research on neural networks, image recognition, parallel processing, etc., and joined Nomura Research Institute, Inc. Since then, he was working on a number of projects such as product demand forecast, good customer analysis, map information system, and WEB access analysis using AI AND data mining. He realized the importance of text data, especially the data that contained the voice of customers, from his experience in consulting work, and developed a text mining system for analysis as a planning business manager. In 2007, he became President and CEO of Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd. with the aim of making text mining more easily available to all companies that aim to listen to customers' voices and improve their products and services. Even now, we are actively developing new solutions with the aim of utilizing advanced technologies that are useful in practice, such as CRM and talent management.

  • Kenji SuzumuraExecutive Vice President

    After graduating from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University, he joined Nomura Research Institute, Inc. After developing CRM and information systems as a system engineer, he joined the text mining business as a sales and marketing manager. He has experience in many projects and data mining projects with a focus on major companies representing Japan. He also works to raise awareness of text mining and utilize data mining technology through writing and giving lectures. In 2007, he joined Plus Alpha Consulting as Executive Vice President. We are working to create new businesses based on visualization, such as using text mining in Japan and overseas, promoting CRM/marketing automation business using data mining, and promoting talent management to maximize employee performance.

  • Shogo NoguchiDirector and Executive Officer

    After graduating from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1996, he joined Daiwa Research Institute Co., Ltd. and engaged in research work on listed and unlisted companies. Joined Goldman Sachs Securities in 2000/4, engaged in stock research work in the industry such as IT, software, media and advertising as a securities analyst. He joined KPMG Corporate Finance Co., Ltd. in 2002-9 and engaged in M&A advisory work. He joined Yahoo Japan Co., Ltd. in 2003-9, and engaged in the president's office and corporate planning business. After joining IIFIS Japan Co., Ltd. in 2006/9, he became a director in 2007/3, in charge of the management department and Investment information Business Division. In 2019, he assumed the position of director of the Company in 7 months and was in charge of the corporate division.

  • Wakaba KanekoDirector and Executive Officer

    In 2007, she joined Plus Alpha Consulting, where she has experience in over-the-counter drug sales, inventory management, staff development management, new store opening, and store opening. She has been involved in the establishment of consulting services for user companies with the aim of effectively utilizing visualization engines. She has experience in training, support, and various specialized consulting services. In particular, we contribute to the success of large-scale consulting projects that utilize the visualization engine as a platform throughout the company. After that, we established new offices in Osaka and Fukuoka to strengthen and expand our relationships with customers in each area. She is currently in charge of the overall consulting business, and is engaged in expanding and fixing services.

  • Takashi TakeuchiDirector and Executive Officer

    He has experience in data entry, scanning, data conversion, and development of related systems in the business that mainly focuses on data processing. He joined Plus Alpha Consulting in 2007 and participated in the launch of the visualization engine as a development member. Since then, he has been involved in the development of all solutions while supporting the continuous evolution of the visualization engine. At present, we have established an innovation center that promotes cutting-edge research and development, and are building a development foundation for the entire company to provide further added value in product development.

  • Takashi NakaiDirector and Executive Officer

    He was engaged in structural design of marine structures and planning and research of floating social infrastructure in the master's program of the Department of Ship and Marine Engineering, the University of Tokyo, and joined Nomura Research Institute, Inc. In charge of environmental analysis for business strategy formulation, project management of R&D and investment business, organizational analysis and diagnosis, knowledge management, etc. In particular, he has been involved in research planning, business development, M&A, and industry-academia collaboration strategies for manufacturing, universities, and research institutions. He has been working on the commercialization of cloud・based analysis services and related consulting services. He has been working on the analysis and utilization of patent and thesis data using text mining. He joined Plus Alpha Consulting in 2016. Taking advantage of his experience in various data utilization and corporate strategy formulation, he is in charge of supporting and consulting the utilization of our solutions, such as customer experience feedback (CXM) utilizing text mining, customer experience CRM, and scientific human resources management, proposing to companies and markets, and planning and development of new functions and services.

  • Masahito MatsubaraExecutive officer

    After graduating from Tokai University's School of Political Economics, he joined Trans Cosmos Co., Ltd. Since then, he has spread the experience of building and operating a contact center, and has been involved in supporting the utilization of “customer voices (VOC)”. He joined Plus Alpha Consulting in 2007. From the start of the text mining business, we have promoted the introduction of more than 1,300 companies and promoted consulting on the utilization of many VOCs. Currently, he is pursuing research and planning of new information utilization methods that combine new information such as voice, image, video, and SNS data beyond the framework of text data, while promoting the spread and promotion of new VOC activities through consulting activities and seminar lectures.

  • Norio NishidaExecutive officer

    He has experience in system design, development, and program training for various industries such as WEB system development, data management, machine control systems, and auction systems. Plus Alpha Consulting has been involved in the launch of various services since its inception, contributing to the expansion of services through activities centered on the design and development of new functions and project management of project projects utilizing the opinions of customers. Currently, he is engaged in system infrastructure construction, functional design and development management of general services.

  • Yuji YamazakiExecutive officer

    After graduating from Nihon University's Faculty of Economics, he joined Trans Cosmos Co., Ltd. Prior to joining Plus Alpha Consulting in 2011, he worked on marketing support and CRM projects via telephone and web. He has been in office since 2017. Currently, he is in charge of both the sales and marketing departments, and is engaged in planning and promoting various systems that improve the added value of the marketing site from the use of data using IT. In addition, we are active in various fields such as planning and development of new businesses, planning and promotion of existing businesses, and human resource development. He has written about "real-life" digital marketing that provides the best customer experience.

  • Mayu ShimomuraExecutive Officer

    After working in advertising sales, sales management, advertising production, and proposal in the recruitment and beauty industry, she joined Plus Alpha Consulting in 2012. Mainly engaged in consulting work. She has extensive experience in analysis projects utilizing the latest text mining technologies, and is good at social analysis and image analysis. She has lectured at universities and participated in many seminars on data analysis techniques and methods. In addition, she is active as a core member of overseas expansion not only in Japan but also in global expansion such as Singapore and China.

  • Masato SetaishiExecutive officer

    After graduating from the Department of Design, Faculty of Engineering, Takushoku University, after experiencing design work as a DTP designer, he became interested in system construction work and changed his job to Sier. As a system engineer, he worked as a manager for major pharmaceutical companies from the definition of requirements to system implementation and operation. In addition, by being evaluated for the system UI that makes use of the experience of design work, I come to work on business by always thinking about a system that is easy to use for users. After that, he joined Plus Alpha Consulting as a challenge to a wide range of fields. As an analytical consultant at the Customer Rings Division, he has implemented a number of introduction and utilization support, and has been promoting utilization support by utilizing various data collaboration using his experience in the SE era. He has written about "real-life" digital marketing that provides the best customer experience.

  • Tomohiro IgarashiExecutive officer

    After graduating from Tokai University's Faculty of Engineering, he worked as an intern at ALBERT Co., Ltd. He then joined Plus Alpha Consulting in 2010. He has experience in sales and marketing in the fields of text mining, FAQ, CRM, and talent management, and has been involved in many projects as the head of the Yumeru (Osaka) branch. We are promoting sales planning and implementation support to support visualization of information, which is a business concept, and business utilization.