Q. Would you please explain how the Company was founded?
A. The Company was established as EG Consulting, Inc. in Mita, Minato-ku Tokyo in December 2006 to operate business in data mining system development and consulting. In October 2007, the Company was renamed Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd. and in November 2012, relocated its head office to Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, where it remains to this day.
Q. On what stock exchange is your stock listed?
A. We have been listed on the Mothers Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange since June 30, 2021.
Q. What is your stock code?
A. 4071.
Q. When do you announce your financial results?
A. The Company’s fiscal year ends at September 30 each year and we announce our financial results in November. Please see the IR Calendar for the announcement of quarterly financial results.
Q. Where can I find your past financial results?
A. Please see the Financial results posted in the IR Library.
Q. When is the shareholder record date for payment of dividends?
A. The shareholder record dates for the year-end dividend and the interim dividend are September 30 and March 31, respectively.
Q. Do you have a shareholder benefits program?
A. Not at present.
Q. What is the number of shares per unit?
A. 100 shares. *A unit indicates the number of shares in each trading unit.
Q. How should I register a transfer of shares or change of address?
A. Please contact the securities firm where you have your transaction account for all share-related procedures.
Q. When do you hold the general meeting of shareholders?
A. We hold the annual general meeting of shareholders in late December each year. We notify shareholders as of September 30 each year of the details including date and location in early December.
Q. How should I exercise my voting rights at the general meeting of shareholders?
A convocation notice for the general meeting of shareholders and a voting rights exercise form are sent to shareholders listed in the shareholder registry as at the close of the record date for the general meeting of shareholders (September 30 in the case of the annual general meeting of shareholders). You can exercise your voting rights in either of the following methods:
(1) Attend the general meeting of shareholders and bring the voting rights exercise form
(2) Return the voting rights exercise form after indicating whether you are for or against the matters listed on the form.
Q. Who should I contact to request documents?
A. Please click here for inquiries.